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Posted on 2013-Jan-9 at 12:17 in mature porn
Porn 2.0: What Happens When Free Porn Meets Social Networking With sites like YouPorn, the amateur porn phenomenon is growing, often fueled by "private" sex tapes. While some are hailing the democratization of the porn industry, others are concerned about privacy violations. July 10, 2007 | LIKE THIS ARTICLE ? Join our mailing list: Sign up to stay up to date on the latest Sex & Relationships headlines via email. She's naked and posing suggestively, but otherwise she doesn't resemble the average Playboy model. Yet this "ex-girlfriend" has been viewed by 138,629 people on YouPorn, the new, German-based Internet aggregator of amateur-generated porn. She's not the only one to have a former lover post sex video her most intimate moments for the world to google. There are over 250 ex-girlfriends currently featured among the tens of thousands of sex videos on YouPorn. About 15 per cent of women have knowingly made sex videos, according to a recent poll in Cosmopolitan magazine. If true, that's how many are at risk of having an ex post x-rated files of them on a porn-sharing site. Unlike Paris Hilton, the average YouPorn star probably won't become famous, except unwittingly to his or her next potential boss or partner. And it's likely he or she will suffer a loss of privacy that could hurt her reputation, relationship and career. As sites like YouPorn and PornoTube that mesh community aspects of social networking with completely free-of-charge pornography rise in popularity, so too do the associated copyright and privacy infringements. Right now, the law is lagging behind in redressing the harm done to victims of "porn 2.0." And with the rapid expansion of this new technology, concerns over the impending social, economic and legal implications are probably the only thing uniting conservative lawmakers and traditional pornographers. The problem with free Every day, there are 266 new porn sites on the Net. Every second, 28,258 users are viewing porn. New aggregators like YouPorn and PornoTube make it easier for a new audience to find free Internet porn, previously often only accessible to "techies" who knew how to use often illegal file sharing methods like Bit Torrent. "I never get free porn. I'm not good with all that Internet stuff, the passwords, the searching. I just buy it," said one 43 year-old Vancouver man an interview for this article. But he said he would go to YouPorn instead if it was just all in one spot and free, and says that due to this technology, he will almost certainly view more porn than before.


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